Cannoli – Cannoli’s are an Italian pastry dessert of the Sicily region. We deep fry our shells fresh while you wait, and then fill them with creamy goodness!
Ingredients: (Shell) Flour, Sugar, Cinnamon, Salt, Butter, Egg yolk, Canola oil
Ingredients: (Filling)  Ricotta, Powdered sugar, Ground cinnamon, Allspice, Pure vanilla extract, Heavy cream, Chocolate chips (optional),  Lemon
Fried dough – Fried to a crispy perfection, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Also available with ice cream, strawberries and whip-cream.
Ingredients: Wheat Flour oil, Sugar, Yeast, Salt
Tiramisu –  Italian for “cheer me up” One of Italy’s most popular desserts. A rich treat blending the bold flavors of cocoa and espresso with savory Mascarpone cheese and wine, layered with fresh whip cream and lady finger biscuits.

Ingredients: Heavy cream, Pure vanilla extract, Rum, Espresso, Mascarpone cheese, Ladyfingers, Chocolate, Cinnamon,  Cocoa powder, Powdered sugar, Sugar

Chocolate horn – Let us bring back your Brooklyn bakery memories. Delicious chocolate and pastry dough wrapped and powdered with powdered sugar.
Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Butter, Oil, Salt,Chocolate, Powdered sugar
Vanilla Ice Cream – Vanilla beans blended with sugar and cream.
Ingredients: Vanilla beans, Milk, Cream, Buttermilk, Sugar, Whey, Natural flavor, Mono & Guar gum, Locust bean gum
Italian Ice – Refreshing classic Italian ices made with real, fresh fruit.
Ingredients:  (Assorted fruit puree), Water, Sugar, Natural flavors

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